We're almost there.

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I wish we had visited Evelyn when we were able to.

I can't believe it's been more than a year since that happened.

Never judge from appearances.

I won't leave you alone with Knudsen.

You'll love Part.

"Do you suspect me?" "Should I?"

The moon was on the lake.

Who did Lois bring?

What's the side effect?

Do you think I'd be here if I didn't have to be?

The Jacksons are our neighbors.

Don't get sidetracked.

The man is making a long-distance call.

Juliet gave me enough soap to last a lifetime.

We agreed to share the housework.

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I live in Colombia.

When was the last time you rode a bike?

Beer is beer.


I thought it better that she should take a vacation.

I can't hate you.

Why are you holding a pair of scissors?

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We told Derek not to stay out late.

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They have access to the library.

You know something.

If he's late, it's OK to start the meeting without him.

We're paying.

Deborah left his hat in the car.


She said good-bye to him and left the house.

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He felt utterly humiliated.

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You're spontaneous.

It doesn't matter who says that, it's not true.

Belinda doesn't always complain, does he?

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Chip won the fishing tournament.

A lot of people say Ted is the best player on our team.

I'm concerned, of course.

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Mike wanted to know why Lynne didn't want to come.

I'm touched.

Mistakes do give us wit, a sole one - not a bit!

I'll do what I want.

Naim got his revenge.

Karl seems a little jumpy, doesn't he?

You're all set.

I wasn't aware that someone was watching me.

Please shine those shoes.


Lester tried to keep calm.

This seems good to me.

Would you like some of those cookies?


Darin's room was very clean.


I had no sooner left the shop than I met my teacher.


The Diet is likely to amend this unpopular law.

If Elias senses even the slightest lack of obsequious deference, he explodes into a hail of random and spontaneous insults.

Witnessing cruelty to animals, children may become cruel.

Micheal often fails to keep his word.

We want all the same things.

I forgot what we were doing.

I want to see her.


There were no problems to report.


I hope Winston wasn't any trouble.

It's a tough pill to swallow.

My friend shook his head as much as to say "impossible".


I just want to see my daughter.

The train will be leaving in five minutes so you had better hurry up.

"I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" "No, of course not."

He hasn't succeeded yet.

Helen should've studied harder.

The last letter is mine.

The warrior is conscious of both his strength and his weakness.

Did you pick up on that strange tone in his voice?

I definitely did a lot better today.

It's truly amazing.

Has anybody left me any message?

I thought you had agreed not to phone me again.

Is Marguerite old enough to drink?


How long have you had this cough?

Danger gives relish to adventure.

Swamy took off his gas mask.


The post office is closed on Christmas day and mail will not be delivered.


Isn't it a mild winter this year? Makes life easier.

Cole saw a tow truck leaving the parking lot.

She gives us clothes.


The food industry in China is so downright criminal, that city slickers become part-time farmers.

She wears vanity glasses.

I should talk to Ole before I decide what to do.

He is indifferent to the suffering of others.

We speak English in class.

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I have attached instructions on how to use FTP to access our files.

The whole crew was saved.

Damon didn't know Steen was married.

You see that chick over there? I got a boner just from looking at her.

He is not the boy that he was ten years ago.


My notebook is in the desk.


You got cheated.

I'm mad at myself for following Raif's stupid advice.

Rick didn't seem angry.

The story is founded on tradition.

I think we've fixed it.

How did Kelvin start the fire?

How that woman runs on!


Can I register for that class?

"Marco!" "Polo!"

I'll never go there.

We can't let them do that.

"What kind of apes are those?" "Those aren't apes, they're our new neighbors!"

There's a huge difference between "making oneself understood" and "completely mastering English."

Don't interrupt me, Archie.

I want to create my own world.

I hope you brought your guitar.


Do you want to know my first impression of Olson?

We've already partied all night.

Has the copyright expired yet?


The storm prevented many planes from leaving the airport.

Be careful when you pass through the street's busy traffic.

You've got a busy day tomorrow.

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Is that weapon loaded?

I can't bear to tramp ten miles in this heat.

Glen got up and began pacing.

I was upstairs.

Rolfe doesn't have a webpage.

I'm not the same fool I was fifteen years ago.

Who else do you miss?

I don't know how to ride a bicycle.

My rich neighbors belong to a private golf club.

Laura and Calvin were in a very close relationship; one of them could not be far away from the other.

I was just lucky.

Dan claimed that he had lost his key.

He was tired, so he went to bed earlier.

Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Jan wrote me more than thirty messages yesterday.

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I will deal with this problem.

I have already read the book several years ago.

I do this every day.

We took a walk in the park.

Both complaints were dismissed.

Visitors are requested not to touch the exhibits.

She gave birth to a healthy baby.

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I know this area quite well.

What did they add this needless function for?

I'm sure there's something in the box.

Cole put the tranquilizer gun back in its case.

The food is terrible.

Can you find Loukas for me?

When she was reading the letter, she looked sad.


We have a lot of assignments for the summer vacation.

They celebrate Christmas with presents.

Let's go to my office.


I don't want to be a fifth wheel.

He is afraid to swim.

I can do it by myself.

I'm not happy about that.

Do you want to do something else?


I thought Shel was your brother.


We will do nothing against your will.

The note is jotted directly on the envelope.

Applause broke out.


The tap is off.

I trust Ken.

Attention, Lojbanist!

We may have missed the bus.

If they don't have a car, they'll come by taxi.

I didn't have anything to drink.

Markku felt that he had sorted everything out.

Vice didn't try to argue.

They won the kissing contest.